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Hi, Blaine here… here’s a quick introduction to me…

I grew up in Harlingen, Texas. I remember at an early age hearing a Toto song called “Rosanna.” The intro to that song was so infectious to me. I did not understand what was going on but I knew that I wanted to play the drums. At age 13, my father bought me my first drum set and I began learning the instrument. I started playing in church and also formed a punk band with a few friends from school. I took a few drum lessons but was primarily self taught.

At age 18, I moved to New York City and began studying at The Drummers Collective. After I left The Collective, I returned to Texas and relocated to Fort Worth, Texas where I currently reside.

I’ve played and recorded with a number of bands and also play at Alliance Community Fellowship Church when I’m in town.

Special Note: I am available for gigs and drum lessons!

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Blaine Crews

Blaine Crews

Jesus Follower/Husband/Father/Drummer/Realtor

Blaine Crews, based in Texas with his wife and daughter, has toured throughout the world and shared the stage with many big-named national artists. His latest passion is his real estate career with Alexander Chandler Realty. His success in music speaks for his drive & persistence as an individual, and his likeable personality and skills in networking make him a great real estate professional!


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